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 Smart Pallet Control Software with PalletWatch

PalletWatch is a secure online pallet control system suitable for companies of all sizes throughout Australia.

Automatic import and export to CHEP and Loscam.

Can be up an running within 24 hours.

Low Annual Fee, Free Setup, Free Training, Free Upgrades, Unlimited Users


Just imagine if you didn't have any lost pallets. PalletWatch can help you get there.
  • Manage multiple equipment types

    PalletWatch is one system for CHEP and Loscam equipment

  • Easy to get started

    10 minutes training is all you need to start entering dockets

  • Designed for Australian conditions

    Highly automated and deals with the complexity of Australian pallet control

  • Your data is safe

    PalletWatch is hosted in a secure data centre in Sydney, Australia

  • Ideal for carriers

    Automatic transit days calculation and extensive IOU tracking

  • PalletWatch has you covered

    No matter where your pallets are, PalletWatch will track them

Web App

No installation - just a login and away you go. We do all the setup free of charge.

Real Time Data

Entry at any of your sites is immediately visible to a national pallet controller. Import daily from CHEP and reconcile as you go.

Highly Automated

Imports/exports to CHEP and Loscam automatically. Click a button to send an email requesting copies from your trading partners.

Low Annual Fee

Annual Site Licence with unlimited users and free upgrades.

Free support

Online help with ticketing system and free phone support.

Free Training

PalletWatch is so easy to use that training needs are minimal. It only takes around 10 minutes over the phone to train a user in data entry.

We have many happy customers.  Gary, the Financial Controller of TFM Logistics had this to say about PalletWatch.

“ As a transport operator, TFM Logistics, found the need to monitor and reconcile our pallet accounts a necessary evil which was both time consuming and costly. The introduction of the web-based PalletWatch system in 2016 has made the task more efficient and allowed the company to focus on its core business whilst at the same time achieving significant reductions in our pallet hire costs due to the improved tracking and reporting systems”.
Gary Allan
Financial Controller